Five quarter sections with great access along Highway #80 five miles north of Churchbridge, SK. This land consists of three quarters of 'G' and two quarters 'H' Saskatchewan Crop Insurance soil class ratings in the Black soil zone with primarily Yorkton Clay Loam soil.  Total ISC title acres are 765.51. SAMA 2017 Assessed Value is $811,900.00. Asking Price Multiple X 2017 Assessment is 1.17. Total SAMA Cultivated Acres are 596. SAMA Topography Rating is Primarily 'T2' (gentle slopes). Please contact Sheppard Realty or click on the following link for additional listing details:

  • Location Churchbridge
  • Land Location NW-16-23-32-W1; SW-16-23-32-W1; SE-16-23-32-W1; NW-15-23-32-W1; NE-15-23-32-W1
  • Total Acres 766 Acres
  • Price $950,000.00
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